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The Talents on AI Hackathon is set to take place in Kyiv from May 12-14, 2023. The event aims to bring together developers, entrepreneurs, and industry experts to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in the field of AI.

The hackathon has already gained a lot of attention in the tech community, thanks in part to the success of @chat_openia_bot, which uses the OpenAI API to provide access to AI tools without registration. Since its launch in January, the bot has processed over 200,000 requests, and more than 600 people have joined the Open AI Early Adopters Telegram group.

According to co-organizer Stanislav Podyachev from TON AI, the hackathon provides an opportunity for both experienced professionals and beginners to showcase their skills and learn more about AI. With almost every fourth Ukrainian having lost their job as a result of the war, the hackathon also offers a chance for people to find new opportunities and adapt to the changing job market.

Companies have also realized the benefits of AI and are willing to pay top dollar for specialists who can help them stay competitive. Podyachev suggests that sponsoring a hackathon is a great way for companies to find new talent and showcase their commitment to innovation.

The hackathon will provide a platform for collaboration between tech-savvy individuals and sponsors interested in creating new ideas, products, and services. Participants will have the opportunity to make useful contacts, present their work to mentors and jury members, and potentially be headhunted by sponsors and partners.

The organizers believe that the event has the potential to be truly transformative and are inviting potential sponsors and partners to get involved. To learn more about sponsorship and partnership opportunities, interested parties can contact the organizers at

As Chamath Palihapitiya, founder and CEO of Social Capital, has said, large language models are like refrigeration, and companies that can use them to build an empire will be the ones to monetize them. With the Talents on AI Hackathon, the organizers hope to create a collaborative environment that will support the development of the local and global tech communities, and help bring new and innovative AI products and services to market.

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